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NFT Slate has started our own NFT Collection to have some skin in the game

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NFT Slate Fam:

Just want to let everyone know, we like the projects we bought NFTs from, but we are not trying to tell you to buy them. We wanted to share some of our initial investment thesis, that will develop over time. Artblocks is definitely in our sights and will be added soon. Thought this would be fun to do!


- NFT Slate contributor Bluecane

The beginnings of our NFT Slate Collection

We like these projects, a lot. But there is a chance we sell some of these NFTs for maybe a higher tier NFT within a project or for something like an Artblocks. I’d say we like to be long term holders unless it makes more sense to swap to something else.

We are big believers in memes & community. As more and more people move to remote work, these discords/NFT spaces can/will create a second community that people spend a lot of time in.

Pudgy Penguins -

Total Supply: 8,888
Estimated Floor as of 2:00pm August 31st - 2.69

I think we’ve all seen the memes at this point. Pengus make good memes so we decided to join in the fun here. I have a strong belief in memes for the sole reason that they are selling the community without directly selling you the community.

Bastard Gan Punks -

Total Supply: 11,305
Estimated Floor as of 10:00am August 31st - 0.7

Probably going to be the most long lasting Punks derivative, the Bastard Gan Punks, dare I say it, look pretty cool. Not all of them, some of them just look like pixels thrown on there, but there are some like @shroom_daddy that have a very definite/great aesthetic.

Here is our Bastard Gan Punk below, as you can see, it’s pretty different than anything you could imagine a punk to be like. Is that fire hair?

Lonely Aliens -

Total Supply: 10,001
Estimated Floor as of 10:00am August 31st - 0.60

Our backstory on Lonely Aliens, our friend @daniel100eth had suggested that they were building a good community. We like the vibe and are looking to contribute there soon, bought a couple of these.

Generative Masks -

This project had lots of hype and has since cooled down, but we genuinely like the art.

Mooncats -

Total Supply: 25,000-26,000
Estimated Floor as of 10:00am August 31st - .95

Mooncats, are they finally getting their shot? I honestly feel like Mooncats wouldn’t be Mooncats if they actually went up in price. I originally rescued a couple in March, didn’t sell at 1.7 ETH during the hype and have held since even to the lows of .2. A big part of that is probably because I haven’t wrapped them yet, but happy that we could add some to our collection.

The Mooncats team added a boutique where collectors could add items like this light saber above to their Mooncats.

World of Women NFT -

Total Supply: 10,000
Estimated Floor: 2.8

This project has a great mission and as what seems to be the biggest women focused NFT at the moment, lots of room to run as the pioneer in the space for different initiatives etc. We are working with other projects that are female focused and we directed them to try to reach out to the World of Women team. We are bullish on their ability to be almost like a launchpad for women & crypto.

Parallel Alpha -

I know I’ve mentioned Parallel cards a decent amount here, so we made sure to buy some. The $PRIME proposal has been delayed somewhat so there may be a brief pull back on price.

Goons of Balatroon -

I personally am not super familiar with this project but one of our team members really likes them. They have both Bears & Bulls it seems which is pretty cool, kind of creates an inner competition within the community to stoke interest. I will be diving into them more this week.

Check out our Opensea collection and follow along here -

This is just the beginning for NFT Slate’s collection, we will update you as we adjust our holdings and look forward to contributing to these communities!

Sneak peek

We also plan on launching some of our own NFTs that could have special perks for the holders. Our team is internally discussing and designing them out, but will release all the information in the future!

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: Investing into NFTs comes with inherent risk including technical risk, human error, platform failure and more. At certain points throughout this post, we might get commission for promoting certain projects, if this is the case we will always make sure it is clear. We are strictly an educational content platform, nothing we offer is financial advice. We are not professionals or licensed advisors.

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